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About This Site

The resources for this site are provided by the maker of the SUZAKU series, Atmark Techno, Inc.


Maintainers == Developers

This site is operated and maintained by the developers of the SUZAKU. This is because of our desire to communicate our thoughts on the SUZAKU series and show their potential to current and future users. The SUZAKU make use of Linux and a large amount of other Open Source Software (OSS). While this naturally makes us OSS users, we also participate in a number of OSS communities. With the spirit of OSS, we hope to provide information as openly as possible. In this regard, and to share information effectively, we contribute as much as possible to Wikipedia and then link to it.

Site Layout

The site is grouped into the following sections, which can be accessed from the links at the top of the page.


The face of this site. It provides recent news (with RSS feed), and a quick overview of products dealt with on this site.


Aimed at people fairly new to the SUZAKU series, but worth checking out for everyone. It includes the features of each individual product, application examples and so on.


A community focus point with resources for developers working with SUZAKU. From Howtos for beginners to detailed information for power users, we're hoping that this will become a true knowledge base.


All downloads necessary for development with SUZAKU can be found here. Feel free to look over the manuals, and the software source code is available to everyone.


All site and development news is listed here. and has a corresponding RSS feed.


The following icons are used throughout this site.
 Main points, information that we really want you to read.
 Basic information, aimed for people just starting to use SUZAKU and FPGAs.
 Power user info, a more detailed covering of the subject.
 Warnings and cautions, etc.


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