Announcement of Discontinuation

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SUZAKU-S software and software development environment


From device drivers to the many server-side programs, the open source developed Linux compatible software resources are there to be utilized. The proven stability of this software leads to a shortening of development time.

Linux Kernel

SUZAKU-S employs uClinux, a Linux kernel developed for CPUs like the MicroBlaze which do not feature a MMU.


uClinux-dist, a Linux distribution originally developed to support uClinux, is used with SUZAKU-S. The ability to select only required functionality makes it highly suitable for use with embedded devices.

Software Development Environment

The Linux kernel and applications that run on the SUZAKU are cross developed on either a Linux or WindowsXP/2000 PC.
  • PC: Serial port required
  • Operating system: Linux (Debian GNU/Linux / Red Hat Linux 8.0 / Vine Linux 2.6) or Windows XP/2000 (using coLinux)
  • GNU development environment (binutils, cpp, gcc)
  • Serial terminal software (HyperTerminal, TeraTerm etc)
  • Program downloader (Hermit included)