Announcement of Discontinuation

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SUZAKU-S employs the low cost Spartan-3E/Spartan-3 FPGA, with the MicroBlaze soft processor as the CPU core. The provided operating system environment is based on uClinux.

Linux support

Linux (uClinux 2.4) is employed as the standard operating system, offering proven stability and access to rich software resources.

Unlimited Expansion

With Xilinx's FPGA (Spartan-3E/Spartan3), various peripherals can be created along with the CPU core within the FPGA. While being small in size, the 86 user I/O pins allow for easy expansion.

Network Ready

Network ready devices can easily be developed by utilizing the combination of the LAN interface (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX) and Linux's TCP/IP protocol stack.

Wide Ranging Applications

From FPGA evaluation to mass produced embedded devices, the SUZAKU-S is a great platform for network ready devices.
SUZAKU application examples

Three models

Three models of the SUZAKU-S are available with differing FPGA gate numbers and flash memory size. SZ130-U00
  • Spartan-3E (XC3S1200)
  • Spartan-3 (XC3S1000)
  • FLASH: 8MB
  • Spartan-3 (XC3S400)
  • FLASH: 4MB