Announcement of Discontinuation

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** Production of this product has already been discontinued. **

JTAG-Blazer is a tool to configure FPGAs and program CPLDs and PROMs via the network. It also includes internal memory capable of storing configuration data, allowing a target device to be configured at the touch of a button.

Network Ready

With the network interface, configuration data can be sent to JTAG-Blazer via the network.

Stand-Alone Configuration

A target board can be directly configured using configuration data saved in the internal flash memory.

High Speed Downloads

The JTAG-Blazer operates with a JTAG clock at 12.9MHz, and an actual configuration data transfer speed at around 6Mbps.

Xilinx, Altera Device Support

As the SCF, XSVF, and JSVF file formats are supported, both Xilinx and Altera devices can be configured.

Simple Operation

Downloading and configuration is simple with the included download software.