Announcement of Discontinuation

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New SUZAKU official site released

The new SUZAKU official site has been completed.

The new official SUZAKU site - beta release

The beta of the new official SUZAKU site has been released!

uITRON ported to the SUZAKU series

The μITRON standard real-time operating system has now been made compatible with the SUZAKU series.

uClinux-dist-20040408-suzaku6 released

uClinux-dist-20040408-suzaku6 has been released.

New software versions released

New versions of the FPGA, uClinux-dist-20040408-suzaku and Hermit software have been released and are compatible with SZ030-U00. SZ030-U00 has the XC3S1000 and 8MB of Flash memory.

SUZAKU-V Press Released

The SUZAKU-V has been press released.

SUZAKU Software Update

The new uClinux-dist has been released.


New versions of uClinux-dist, the FPGA project and the product manuals have been released.

Toppers/JSP on SUZAKU

Toppers/JSP 1.4 has been confirmed to run on SUZAKU.

SUZAKU now shipping

Shipment of the SUZAKU has now started,