uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku8 Released

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku8 has been released.

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku7 Problem

A problem with the generation of the passwd file in uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku7 has been discovered.

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku7 Released

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku7 has been released.

Network trouble and server downtime

Web and email services were interrupted between 0:00am and 11:00am on the 18th of January due to an internal network problem.

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku6 Released

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku6 has been released.

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku5 Released

uClinux-dist-20051110-suzaku5 has been released

ATDE Beta 2 for VMware has been released

New Beta version of Atmark Techno Development Environment for VMware has been released

"Atmark Techno Development Environment" image for VMware, or ATDE for short, is a virtual machine image that provides a virtual development environment for Atmark Techno products. It is essentially a Linux desktop environment preinstalled with all the necessary cross compilers and other tools used when working with Atmark Techno products.

Annoucing new SUZAKU-S model and SUZAKU-I/O Boards

Atmark Techno has announced a new SUZAKU-S model which utilizes the Spartan-3E, as well as four I/O boards which can be used for easy expansion of the SUZAKU FPGA boards.

ESEC 2005 Demonstration Posted

An introduction of the SUZAKU demonstration shown at the 9th Embedded Systems Expo & Conference (ESEC) held in Tokyo from June 29th this year has been posted in the developer section.

New SUZAKU official site released

The new SUZAKU official site has been completed.


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