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Regular Update - July, 2008

Release Date: July 18, 2008

The following describes SUZAKU related updates for July, 2008 and includes changes for the following products.

  • SZ410-U00
  • SZ310-U00
  • SZ130-U00
  • SZ030-U00
  • SZ010-U00
  • SZ410-SIL
  • SZ310-SIL
  • SZ130-SIL

  • SIL00-U01/SIL00-U00
  • SID00-U00
  • SIV00-U00

The CD-ROM version is 20080718.
The updates have already been made available at the SUZAKU download site.

Hardware and FPGA

  • ISE/EDK 10.1i Projects: Updated
    • BBoot upgraded to v2.8
      • Implemented the check sum function for Motorola S-Format Downloading.
  • XPS-SID: New
    • Implemented PLBv4.6 bus interface on A/D Board IP core By using the burst transmission mode, the data transfer rate has been improved.
    • Full compatible with OPB-SID software interface


Linux 2.6 Kernel (SUZAKU-V)

  • Added support for OCM-TEMAC with SZ410-SID.

Flash Image Files

All product images have been updated.

Documents (Japanese)

The following documents have been updated.


  • SUZAKU I/O Getting Started: Updated (v1.0.7 --> v1.0.8)
    • Added information on XPS-SID.
  • A/D Board Hardware Manual: Updated (v1.0.5 --> v1.0.6)
    • Added information on XPS-SID.

Starter Kit Guide

  • FPGA Volume: Updated (v2.4.0 --> v2.4.1)
    • Error corrections