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Mailing List Terms of Use Established

To all SUZAKU mailing list users.

Terms of use for the SUZAKU mailing list have been put in place, and will be effective from April 1st, 2008.

The terms, as shown below, layout out in writing a number of points which may have been unclear up until now. There will be no change to the actual mailing list service.

If you are unable to accept the terms of use, we request that you cancel your mailing list membership. If you require any assistance in doing so, please send an email to

For members from whom we receive no contact by the end of this month, we will assume they have agreed to the terms of use.

We hope everyone will continue to make use of the SUZAKU mailing list.

SUZAKU Mailing List Terms of Use

The following terms of use apply to the mailing lists operated by Atmark Techno, Inc. (this "Mailing List"). The purpose of this Mailing List is to allow for the exchange of information between SUZAKU users. By signing up to this Mailing List, the user agrees to be bound to the terms.

1.Mailing List Purpose

The purpose of this Mailing List is to allow for the exchange and sharing of useful information between SUZAKU users.


  1. This Mailing List is a public mailing list. The content of all email is made publicly available.
    1. In order to improve the readability of questions and answers, the name of the sender is displayed on the archive pages.
    2. In order to prevent the dissemination of incorrect information, the entire content of all email is displayed.
    3. Any private information included in i. or ii. will be deemed to have been included with the required permission so that it may be made available to third parties.
  2. Please avoid any abuse or defamation.
  3. Anyone who is deemed to have interfered with the operation of this Mailing List will have their membership cancelled immediately.


Atmark Techno, Inc. bears no liability for any damage or loss caused by the use of this Mailing List or the disclosure of private information on the Mailing List.


Effective from: April 1st, 2008