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Howto : Writing to Flash memory with NetFlash

Relevant products: SZ010-U00SZ030-U00SZ130-SILSZ130-U00SZ310-SILSZ310-U00SZ410-SILSZ410-U00

The SUZAKU Flash memory can be written to using a Linux application, Netflash.


NetFlash is a Linux program that downloads to and overwrites Flash memory via the network, and is much faster than using a serial transfer with Hermit. 

An example of using NetFlash 

[SUZAKU ~]# netflash

The image.bin file is also available from this site.  By executing NetFlash as in the example below, it is possible to update the SUZAKU with even having the supplied CD-ROM or a local server. 

Updating to the latest image:

[SUZAKU ~]# netflash