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Howto : Writing to Flash memory - Motorola S Format

Relevant products: SZ010-U00SZ030-U00SZ130-SILSZ130-U00SZ310-SILSZ310-U00SZ410-SILSZ410-U00

Downloading with Motorola S format is a final means to write to Flash memory when it is no longer possible to do so from software.  It can be used even when Linux and Hermit will not boot.

Updating Hermit with the Motorola S Format 

The Motorola S format Hermit can be found here.  Download it to your PC. 

First, start up a serial terminal program on your PC.   Connect the SUZAKU and the PC with a serial cross cable, short the boot mode jumper and turn on the SUZAKU.  After the BBoot message appears on the serial console, enter 'S' to move the SUZAKU into Motorola S format boot mode.

Finally, just transfer the hermit.srec file from the serial terminal program to the SUZAKU.

Motorola S format download screen example:

  Erasing Flash...Done
Start sending S-Record!!

Reboot the SUZAKU in bootloader mode and check that Hermit boots properly.