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Howto : Writing to Flash memory with Hermit

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A bootloader called Hermit is used as a second stage bootloader in SUZAKU, and can be used to write to Flash memory. 

Start SUZAKU in bootloader mode 

Short the boot mode selector jumper on the SUZAKU and turn the SUZAKU on.  After the BBoot message has appeared on the serial console, pressing Enter moves the SUZAKU into bootloader mode. 

Bootloader mode example:

  Welcome to BBoot - SUZAKU's first stage bootloader and S-Record downloader

  hit Enter key to activate second stage bootloader or
  hit 'S' key to download S-Record

  Hermit v1.3-armadillo-7 compiled at 22:22:42, Apr 26 2004

Transferring the Image with Hermit 

After Hermit has booted, exit the serial terminal program to free up the serial port.  As Hermit transfers the image to the SUZAKU via the serial port, the transfer will not work correctly if a serial terminal is using the serial port.

To write a uClinux image , execute Hermit in the following way.

Example: updating a uClinux image with Hermit: 

[PC ~]$ hermit download -i ~/uClinux-dist/images/image.bin -r image

To overwrite Hermit itself, execute the following command. 

Example: overwriting Hermit:
[PC ~]$ hermit download -i /usr/lib/hermit/loader-suzaku.bin -r bootloader --force-locked

Using Hermit from Minicom

Exiting the serial program every time you want to use Hermit can get annoying, so it might be useful to use Minicom's file transfer function to execute Hermit from within minicom. 

  1. Open Minicom's configuration screen (C-a o) and select file transfer protocol.

  2. Add the following new entry. 

    • Name: hermit(image)

    • Program: /usr/bin/hermit download -r image --port %l -i

    • Name: Y

    • U/D: U

    • Full screen: N

    • IO-Red.: Y

    • Multiple: N

To start the image transfer, choose file transfer from within Minicom (C-a s), choose hermit(image) and them select the image.bin file to transfer.