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FPGA is an appreviation of Field Programmable Gate Arrays and refers to reprogrammable logic circuit ICs.  While when compared to ASIC and similar ICs, FPGA are not as fast and are more expensive. However they do have a number of advantages for development, including relatively low cost tools supplied by the device manufacturers and a low start-up costs.  Also, being reprogrammable allows developers to test designs imediately, leading to shorter development times.

Development with FPGAs

Integrated development environments are often supplied by the device manufactures, but are also available from third parties.  Logic curcuits can be defined in either HDL (VHDL, Verilog etc) or via circuit diagrams, and can be simulated on the PC.  This definition is then used for logic synthesis and mapping, with the resulting file being used to program the device.

FPGA Applications

FPGA are suiting to the following kinds of applications:

  • Consumer appliances
  • Audio and video.
  • Automotive
  • Medical equipment
  • Testing and mesurement equipment
  • Communication devices

FPGAs used in the SUZAKU Series

Major Manufactures

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