Announcement of Discontinuation

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SUZAKU now shipping

Shipment of the SUZAKU has now started,

Toppers/JSP on SUZAKU

Toppers/JSP 1.4 has been confirmed to run on SUZAKU.

SUZAKU-V Press Released

The SUZAKU-V has been press released.

uITRON ported to the SUZAKU series

The ╬╝ITRON standard real-time operating system has now been made compatible with the SUZAKU series.

Annoucing new SUZAKU-S model and SUZAKU-I/O Boards

Atmark Techno has announced a new SUZAKU-S model which utilizes the Spartan-3E, as well as four I/O boards which can be used for easy expansion of the SUZAKU FPGA boards.

ATDE Beta 2 for VMware has been released

New Beta version of Atmark Techno Development Environment for VMware has been released

"Atmark Techno Development Environment" image for VMware, or ATDE for short, is a virtual machine image that provides a virtual development environment for Atmark Techno products. It is essentially a Linux desktop environment preinstalled with all the necessary cross compilers and other tools used when working with Atmark Techno products.

SUZAKU-V Moves To Atmark Dist

The SUZAKU-V series development environment has been changed to Atmark Dist.

Plans For Moving SUZAKU-S To Atmark Dist

About plans for moving SUZAKU-S series boards to Atmark Dist.

Announcement of SUZAKU Series Discontinuation

Atmark Techno has decided to discontinue marketing and development of the SUZAKU Series.