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FAQ : The following error occurs when using Lbplay2.exe, "ERROR: Please check WINNT\system32\drivers\windrvr.sys."

This error only occurs on PCs with ISE6.2 installed, and not on PCs which have ISE6.1 or earlier installed.
Follow these steps to resolve the problem.
  1. Download and unzip

FAQ : How do I find out the version number of the core?

Howto : Adding a UART and connecting to a PC RS232C

The SUZAKU Hardware Manual includes an example of adding a UART (Section 9, Building a FPGA project, from page 30). In this example, as the UART is assigned external I/O pins and therefore has a +3.3V input/output level, it cannot be used with PC type RS232Cs. If a PC RS232C is directly connected, it may damage the SUZAKU. In order to connect to a PC RS232C, please use the following as reference.