Announcement of Discontinuation

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FAQ : What changes have been made to the SUZAKU board in Rev.C?

The changes made to the SUZAKU board in Rev. C are listed below. 

  • The Ethernet RJ45 connector LEDs now both blink, yellow at access time and green at link time.
  • Improved operation at low temperatures.

FAQ : The following error occurs when using netflash: "VERSION - product name incorrect"

When attempting to write to flash memory, why does netflash produce the error "VERSION - product name incorrect"?

This error occurs when attempting to write an image file that contains a different product name than that of the image currently stored in the flash memory. The following is an example of this and how to deal with it.

Howto : Adding a UART and connecting to a PC RS232C

The SUZAKU Hardware Manual includes an example of adding a UART (Section 9, Building a FPGA project, from page 30). In this example, as the UART is assigned external I/O pins and therefore has a +3.3V input/output level, it cannot be used with PC type RS232Cs. If a PC RS232C is directly connected, it may damage the SUZAKU. In order to connect to a PC RS232C, please use the following as reference.