Announcement of Discontinuation

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Howto : Writing to Flash memory with NetFlash

The SUZAKU Flash memory can be written to using the Linux application, Netflash.

Howto : Writing to Flash memory with Hermit

A bootloader called Hermit is used as a second stage bootloader in SUZAKU, and can be used to write to Flash memory.

Howto : Writing to Flash memory - Motorola S Format

Downloading with Motorola S format is a final means to write to Flash memory when it is no longer possible to do so from software. It can be used even when Linux and Hermit will not boot.

Howto : Using NFS for the Root File System

Here, the root file system will be mounted via nfs. The following explanation assumes the next three systems are connected to the network...

Howto : Logging into the SUZAKU

There are two ways of logging into the SUZAKU...

Howto : Linux Development Environment Dependencies

About the development tool combinations used for SUZAKU software development.

Howto : Configuration changes

Making configuration changes and saving settings with SUZAKU.

Howto : Assigning a static IP address

While under default settings SUZAKU attempt to obtain an IP address via DHCP, there are times when the SUZAKU must be given a static IP address. This can be achieved by following the steps below.